Sony MDR-XB75AAP In-Ear Extra Bass Headphones (Open Box)

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• Tailor made enhanced extra bass technology
• Smart key – Personalise your headset with easy-to-use application
• 12mm neodymium drivers for powerful & balanced sound
• Lightweight for ultimate music mobility
• Comfortable silicone earbuds for long listening hours

PS: This is a Certified Seal Open Box - 100% Genuine Product | Brand New Condition | Unused | Not Refurbished | With Running Brand Warranty 

Extra Bass Technology
Tailor made for Electronic Dance Music lovers. The enhanced EXTRA BASS technology enables you to enjoy the intensity of deep bass notes in a variety of locations and scenarios, just like being at an actual club or live festival. The Bass Booster amplifies the low end frequencies through a specially designed duct in the housing, while an improved seal between the driver unit and your ears keeps sound in.

In-Line Mic with Hands-Free Calling
Take control and switch from music to calls with the in-line microphone and remote giving you play, pause and volume controls at your fingertips.

Smart Key
Simplify your life. Personalize your headset with this easy-to-use application. Configure your mic button to choose from Volume control or track control functions. Download the application from play store and follow easy instructions to set functions from mic button. This application is compatible with Android 4.0 and above.

Lightweight for Ultimate Music Mobility
Enjoy music for long hours without any discomfort.

Comfortable Silicone Earbuds for Long Listening Hours
Comfortable silicone Earbuds that allow you to listen to your favourite music for long hours.

Tangle Free Cable
A durable, finely grooved serrated cable reduces tangling.


Drivers : 12mm
Battery Type : Lithium-ion Polymer
Connection Type : Wired
Frequency Response : 4-26000 Hz