What's Open Box

Why Spend More When You Can Get Your Favorite Brands At Upto 70% Off?

Yes, ZEEK Open Box is your destination to Shop for Mobiles & Accessories at the Lowest Possible Prices.

Now there must be a lot of doubts in your mind that how the hell is this possible.

  • Are these Genuine Brands?
  • Have they been used before?
  • Are they Damaged?
  • Is there any kind of Warranty?
  • Will I get an Invoice?

These were the exact same thoughts we had too but then when we got the answers, we were extremely THRILLED! So instead of beating around the bush, lets come directly to the point.

 Yes, these are 100% Genuine Brands. Neither are these first copies imported from China nor fake items packaged in branded boxes. So please be Assured!

Well, these are Brand New Pieces but have been returned by the customers within a span of 10 days and the seals have been opened. You must be aware of the 10-Day Return Policy by many Marketplaces where if the customer doesn’t like the product, he/she can return it within the given time. So, we get these products in the best condition for you at the best prices!!!

Now as far as the damages are concerned, we can’t tell you how much time we invest to test each and every product. From checking the physical damages to proper functioning, every product goes through rigorous Quality Checks. We feel if the quality doesn’t please us then how can it satisfy you. Hence, such pieces are rejected in QC.

A very crucial concern - THE WARRANTY!!! So, all these boxes come with 3-11 months of Brand Warranty. In case, there’s a problem, you can directly approach the Brand and if you find that difficult, then just call us! But yeah right now, we only take calls between 9 AM to 6 PM from Monday to Saturday. We deserve a Day’s Break!!!

And finally, the most important worry – THE BILL!!! In today’s scenario, do you think we can really dare to work in cash? We don’t want the ship to sink before it begins to sail… So yeah, you get your GST invoice for every product.

So that’s ZEEK Open Box all about. We believe in making your Shopping Experience Fun & Worthy!!! Happy Shopping with us!!!

And yeah, we have just started so there could be a few hiccups, please bear with us!!!