About us

Our Open Journey

Here’s a story of 2 colleagues who worked together for almost 7 years (of course went on to become best of friends) and shared one passion in all these years (apart from interests like Shopping, Shopping & Shopping)- Gadgets!!! While a lot of females showed no levels of interest in this category, we both always got a kick whenever there was a new gadget being launched. Surfing through the internet for hours or even travelling to China and going crazy about the latest tech stuff, our faces blush only when we see gizmos.

And now again, we got super thrilled when we came across these Branded & Phones & Accessories that are just Seal Opened. Neither have they been used by anyone nor have they taken a tour of Service Centers EVER!!! Yeah Bang On - They are just Seal Opened Boxes and getting them at massive discounts upto 70%. Wohoooo!!! That’s what our expression was. And there you go, we start working together after a gap of 2 years and launch our own entity - ZEEK OPEN BOX.

ZEEK OPEN BOX is one place where you can get your favourite Brands and Gadgets at dearth cheap prices !!! Why do you want to SPEND so much when you can SAVE so much!!! The products go through rigorous Quality Checks and are only presented to you once we have TESTED & are SATISFIED with the quality.

Come be part of the ZOB Family!!!