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Why Spend More When You Can Get Your Favorite Brands At Upto 70% Off?

Yes, ZEEK Open Box is one-stop solution for UNBOXED & CERTIFIED Mobiles & Accessories at the Lowest Possible Prices. 

Now you can shop from a wide range of products featuring from Top Brands that are tested and certified by our internal team of Quality Check Professionals and are backed with Minimum 6 Months Warranty. The best part is you wouldn’t find any sign of damage on the product. Now that’s what we call rigorous and stringent quality check. 

Now there must be a lot of doubts in your mind that how the hell is this possible?

Are these Genuine Brands?

Have they been used before?

Are they Damaged?

Is there any kind of Warranty?

Will I get an Invoice?

These were the exact same thoughts we had too but then when we got the answers, we were extremely THRILLED! So instead of beating around the bush, lets come directly to the point.



ZEEK Open Box is a platform where you can explore and buy high quality Unboxed and Certified products. When a customer buys a new product from leading marketplaces and returns it back for some reason, it becomes an Open Box Product. It’s neither Used nor is it Refurbished or Repaired in a service centre. The products have no visible cosmetic & functional damages. The products will come in their original brand packaging with all the original accessories but in a few scenarios, the product may be packaged in a generic brown/white box and come with all the original or equivalent generic accessories compared to the New product. But our motive is to provide the best product experience.



Yes, these are 100% Genuine Brands. Neither are these first copies imported from China nor fake items packaged in branded boxes. So please be Assured! These are simply Unboxed & Certified products that look and work as good as new!



Well that’s the first thought everyone has in their minds that these products have minor defects and have been repaired or restored to a like-new condition. But we at Zeek Open Box, pick only the best from the Unboxed lot and like they say it in the trade – A-Grade Quality stock, that’s what we bring to you. Unboxed products are unused new products that have been returned by customers for various reasons. Our products come with an authentication seal that says – 100% Original, Like New & Certified



Well, these are Brand New Pieces but have been returned by the online customers within a span of 10 days and the seals have been opened. You must be aware of the 10-Day Return Policy by many Marketplaces where if the customer doesn’t like the product, he/she can return it within the given time. So, we get these products in the best condition for you at the best prices!!! Totally Unused and feels like New!



Now as far as the damages are concerned, we can’t tell you how much time we invest to test each and every product. From checking the physical damages to proper functioning, every product goes through rigorous Quality Checks. We feel if the quality doesn’t please us then how can it satisfy you. Hence, such pieces are rejected in the QC and we bring to you only those products that are JUST LIKE NEW!



A very crucial concern - THE WARRANTY!!! So, all these boxes come with a Minimum 6 Months of Brand Warranty. In case, there’s a problem, you can directly approach the Brand Service Center and if you find that difficult, then just call us! But yeah right now, we only take calls between 9 AM to 6 PM from Monday to Saturday. We deserve a Day’s Break!!!



And finally, the most important worry – THE BILL!!! In today’s scenario, do you think we can really dare to work in cash? We don’t want the ship to sink before it begins to sail… So yeah, you get your GST invoice for every product. The stock comes from all the right channels and is also delivered to your doorstep just the same way!



We are a house of Unboxed Mobile Phones & its Accessories. So, you may find Top brands like Apple, Samsung, Xiaomi, Motorola, Lenovo, One Plus, Vivo, Oppo and others. Similarly, if you wish to shop for Earphones, Headphones, Speakers, Mp3 Players you will find a wide range of brands to choose from.



Well it’s absolutely normal to feel that when we have E-commerce giants already in this trade then why shop with this company? 

Firstly, we might be New, but we are very enthusiastic and determined about our project and will do everything possible to make this project a success story. For us ‘Customer is King’, so our aim will always be to provide good quality product and the best shopping experience. 

Secondly, when it comes to big marketplaces, we all know that most of the stock is being sold by third-party sellers who do not care much about the quality of the product. Specially in this category, there is no proper classification of the product. A lot of customer reviews say that the products they received, were either damaged or weren’t working well.

We at Zeek Open Box have a strict policy of only offering A-Grade or ‘Like New’ condition stock. Which means customers can be rest assured that whatever product they shop with us, that will look and function like a brand-new product with incredible discounts.



Once you have shortlisted the product that you wish to purchase with us, you can add it to the cart and after adding in all the necessary information about your billing, you can proceed to the final check-out. Like all the other e-commerce platforms, you could pay via Debit/Credit Cards, Net Banking, Paytm, UPI, Google Pay.



Yes, you can opt for COD and make the payment in cash when you receive the product. We levy an extra charge for COD orders, the details of which you may find while checking out for the order.



“It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it. If you think about that, you’ll do things differently.” – Warren Buffet

So here we are doing things differently and going totally against the wind – NO RETURN POLICY! We at ZEEK Open Box are extremely confident of the product we are selling on our portal. It meets all the quality standards that are required and hence, we do not offer any Return Policy to our customers. Every product is handpicked, and quality checked before it reaches your doorstep. Every package is wrapped well and sealed before it leaves our warehouse and we choose the best shipment partners to deliver them to you 

But there could be instances where the product reaches you in a damaged condition or is broken, then in that case we give our customers 48 hours to either write us an email at support@zeekopenbox.com or call us on our Customer Care Number. Our Customer Service team will look into the matter and respond to your concerns as soon as possible.



“Never depend on single income. Make investment to create a second source” – Warren Buffet 

That’s what the world’s richest & one of the most successful businessman says… Here’s your opportunity to become an entrepreneur of your own. Even if you already have a job or have a business of your own but have a skillset to persuade others and you believe you can drive sales, then yes, you can partner with us and become a Zeeker!!!


So how does it work?

All you have to do is email us your contact details and a brief on what exactly you do. Our team will contact you and understand more about your current work profile. Once everything is sorted from both ends, we will register you as a Zeeker with us and you would be able to sell our products to people around you – workplace, neighbors, friends, family and whosoever you know.


Now how will it benefit you?

On every ZOB product you sell, you get to earn some money! The more you sell, the more you earn with us!

So that’s ZEEK Open Box all about. We believe in making your Shopping Experience Fun & Worthy!!! Happy Shopping with us!!!

And yeah, we have just started so there could be a few hiccups, please bear with us!!!



We are so glad that you visited our website. You can’t imagine how many times in a day we check our panel to see ‘VISITS TILL NOW’. 

Actually, it’s been developed with a lot of love and passion. All we can promise you is that we strictly do not believe in Bad Quality Stuff – neither in using it ourselves nor selling it to people. We are a bunch of tech enthusiasts who get excited with gadgets around and of course earn some moolah while on the roll!

We would really appreciate if you shop with us, share your feedback and concerns and help us grow. And if you had a good time shopping with us, please recommend it your friends and family as there’s nothing better than your personal feedback!

Thanks for being part of the ZOB Family!!!